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How do you build up a cold shower?

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You've probably heard about cold therapy and cold showers. With this therapy, your body ensures that it can fight cold on its own. Cold therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. This is partly due to Wim Hof, or 'The Iceman', who introduced this therapy in the Netherlands. A good way to start cold therapy is to take a cold shower. But is a cold shower healthy? And what effects do cold showers have on the body?

According to cold experts, such a therapy can strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation in your body. In addition, happiness hormones are released, so you can feel wonderful and enlightening afterwards. We can imagine that it is difficult to step over the threshold of taking a cold shower and build this up. In this blog we give you instructions on how to build up a cold shower.

How long should you take a cold shower?

Starting with a cold shower can take some getting used to. That is why it is wise to start with warm water and then take a cold shower. Start with 20 seconds and build up. Do you find it difficult to stand under a cold jet? Then let the water fall on your feet and legs first. When you start to get used to this, you can then step by step take the rest of your body and head into the shower.

To get through the initial phase, it is important that you pay close attention to your breathing. The Wim Hof ​​method is a handy technique to control your breathing. Also, make sure you don't take cold showers for too long. If you shiver after showering, shower for less time next time.

Learn to take a cold shower

After you have passed the initial phase you can continue with learning how to take a cold shower. You do this by building up cold showers. Do this step by step until you can take a cold shower for one minute. Shower at least once a day and therefore cold 7 times a week. It is recommended to take a cold shower for at least 30 days in a row for a positive health effect. After this period you can best judge whether this therapy is for you.

However, cold therapy or cold showers are not without risk, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. Taking a cold shower can have a significant impact on your body. Some caution is therefore definitely required. Before taking a cold shower, therefore, first consult with your doctor or specialist whether this is wise to do.

From a cold shower to an ice bath

If you have been taking a cold shower for some time and are ready for the next step, you can switch to an ice bath. The big difference between a cold shower and an ice bath is the temperature. With an ice bath, there is a constant temperature because of the cooling system. This also allows the water in an ice bath to be made colder than when showering. When you take a cold shower, you depend on the outside temperature.

Moreover, you can completely immerse yourself in cold water in an ice bath, while this is not the case with a cold shower. Cold showers will regularly leave body parts that are not cold. Taking an ice bath is very popular among athletes and runners. It has many positive effects on your body and your health. For example, you can strengthen your immune system. Enough reasons to take an ice bath!


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